UCA chiropractors donate a day’s work for foodbank charity The Trussell Trust

 United Chiropractic Association (UCA) members will be helping some of the most vulnerable people in their local communities this Christmas, in a Care and Share in the Community campaign in support of foodbank charity, The Trussell Trust.

Participating members will be donating a day’s work by providing adjustments on 2 December in exchange for food to the value of the treatment. Cash payments from clients who prefer to pay for their treatment in the usual way will be donated to the trust, too, while clients not booked for an appointment that day can also donate.

This is the second year that UCA, which has around 500 members, has linked up with The Trussell Trust and a look at the latest statistics shows why support is needed now more than ever before.

In 2013, the number of people given three days’ emergency food by the charity’s 423 foodbanks was 346,992; this year, the figure has risen to 913,138. That’s approaching a million people who are in need of food on an emergency basis. Of these, 330, 205 were children.

One in five – that’s around 13 million people – are now living below the poverty line in the UK and more than 20% of parents have skipped meals or gone without food to ensure their children are fed.

The Trussell Trust reports that the main reasons people are turning to them are benefit delays, low income and benefit changes.

The trust has welcomed the support of UCA members and says that the Care and Share in the Community campaign will make a real difference to local people in crisis this Christmas.

Helen Franks, corporate partnership manager at The Trussell Trust, said: “We are picking up people who are falling through the cracks of society, who need a helping hand at a point in their lives through one reason or another.

“What is great about having the support of a national organisation such as the UCA is that it means the campaign can link in to our foodbanks throughout the UK.

“It also helps to raise awareness in communities right across the country about our work and about the level of poverty.”

UCA executive member, Marc Muncila, said his practice in Banbury donated high quality, organic produce to his local Trussell Trust foodbank last Christmas: “We really felt we had made a positive impact in our community and that we contributed to people having a better Christmas than they would otherwise have done,” said Marc.

Fellow UCA executive member Estelle Zauner-Maughan said last year’s campaign helped many local communities and is encouraging members to get involved again this Christmas: “We had a wonderful response last year. A lot of members took part and clients were donating in advance of our charity day as well as on the day itself.

“We found the day incredibly energetic and giving out love to our community is just a great feeling. We are in a unique position to give back to the community and to help foster community spirit.

“This year, it’s even more important than ever. It’s been a few very hard years economically and people in our communities are suffering. No-one should have to go without food and yet there are lots of people who are choosing between eating and heating.”

The trust has a page on its website with a shopping list of essential food items that can be donated: http://www.trusselltrust.org/foodbank-projects

Or people can donate via text or cheque: http://www.trusselltrust.org/donate