How to give yourself a Vitamin D Boost

Vitamin D plays a vital, key role in your immune system.  A deficiency can lead to fatigue, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and a weakened immune system.  It’s the weakened immune system that exposes you to the common cold, but also to flu and other infections.  On that note, vitamin D has been shown to decrease the severity of influenza, as well as your chances of catching it.  Vitamin D is also know to be responsible for regulating calcium absorption and, therefore, your bone density.

Walking - A Sport for all Ages

Walking - it’s for people of any age, can be done anytime and anywhere, and with minimal risk to injury if done correctly.  All you need are comfy walking shoes and sense of adventure!

How to Drink More Water!

There is no doubt that drinking water is important to our overall health and well-being. Drinking water helps to flush toxins and waste products from our body, prevents dehydration, and helps us look better, too. About 60 per cent of our body weight is water - a statistic that highlights just how important this substance is in keeping us healthy. But our body can't produce all the water it needs, so topping up our supplies, particularly during warm weather or while exercising, is vital.

An Elderly Nervous System

A person’s gradual loss of balance and co-ordination, and decrease in mobility and muscle strength, all contribute to one’s fall risk, regardless of age.

Do Positive People Live Longer?

Written by David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.

Most people assume that positive thinking is just something that we do to help achieve our goals, or even to get through difficult times. But a host of exciting research has shown that attitude affects our health -- so much so, in fact, that a positive attitude can add years to our lives.

Does YOUR Bra fit properly

Many women wear the wrong bra size without even realising it, the main reason being that it is easier to just buy off the peg or over the internet than wrestle around in a small cubicle and getting properly fitted.  BUT, if you knew that wearing the wrong bra size could damage your health you may make the time to find out what your true bra size is.

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