Round Shoulders

It is estimated that up to 73% of the population are affected by ‘round shoulder’ posture and a common complaint resulting from this condition is an increased incidence of pain between the shoulder blades (37).

Rounded shoulders are usually the result of slouching.  Prolonged slouching can strain the muscles between the shoulder blades, causing upper back pain.  When slouching, the natural forward curve of the neck is also exaggerated, which can also result in neck pain.  It is more common to slouch when sitting.  Slouching is often caused by fatigue, especially when sitting in front of a computer.

Round shoulder also compresses your diaphragm, which leads to shallow breathing.  Proper posture allows proper breathing and sufficient oxygen intake.  Getting enough oxygen helps to relax muscles and prevents stress from building up in muscles, especially the muscles of the neck and back.  Tense muscles are a common cause of back pain and neck pain (38)

Some exercises for improving posture


Courtesy of Chiropractor's Association of Australia -