Slouching & Dowager’s Hump (increased kyphosis)

The most common symptoms for patients with an abnormal curve of the spine at the neck (increased kyphosis) are the appearance of poor posture with a hump appearance of the back, back pain, muscle fatigue and stiffness in the back.  Some examples of increased kyphosis are Dowager’s Hump and Slouching.  Slouching can also lead to Round Shoulders.

In more severe situations, the patient may notice their symptoms worsening with time.  The kyphosis can progress, causing a more exaggerated hunch back.  In rare cases, this can lead to compression of the spinal cord with neurologic symptoms including weakness, loss of sensation, or loss of bowel and bladder control.  Severe cases of kyphosis in the thoracic (middle back) area can also limit the amount of space in the chest pain and shortage of breath (33).

Some exercises for improving posture


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